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Alliance Marketing Partners for Dunkin' Brands

Alliance Marketing Partners (AMP) is a full service marketing agency specializing in brand marketing, public relations, social media, sports marketing, activation, and event management.


As a PR Associate, I assisted in all public relations and marketing efforts to support AMP's client, Dunkin’ Brands, locally in the Philadelphia market. This included overseeing and maintaining all media coverage and tracking documents, preparation of monthly and individual activation recaps, drafting and pitching press materials for events and campaigns, coordinating social media influencer partnerships, and performing outreach to numerous media outlets.


I corresponded with high-profile partners such as local television and radio stations, and Philadelphia professional sports teams to help AMP cultivate and maintain relationships. I also helped to plan, manage, and execute large-scale events.

Below are some examples of coverage I secured in the Philadelphia area for the Client on TV, Radio, Print, Digital, and Social Media. 

Elise Masters Portfolio_Page_2.jpg
Elise Masters Portfolio_Page_2.jpg
Elise Masters Portfolio_Page_3.jpg
Elise Masters Portfolio_Page_4.jpg
Elise Masters Portfolio_Page_5.jpg
Elise Masters Portfolio_Page_6.jpg
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